Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are types of jobs that are done in a short period of time; these jobs are very simple jobs that can be done even with very little work experience and even by ordinary people who don’t even have any computer skill.

Micro job marketplaces may be one of the greatest sources for new freelancers.
Here is the advantages of micro jobs :

1.Required very little time to complete any job
2.You may able to earn without any skill
3.Get jobs without bid

In freelancing marketplace you have to bid for getting jobs.You should have also good reputation,skill and profile.Encase of micro jobs there is no requirement of bidding,good reputation,skills or an attractive profile.

Types of jobs in Microjob sites:

Most of the jobs are very simple like

  • Click and search
  • Bookmark a page
  • Signup
  • Comment on other blog
  • Forum posting with signature
  • Facebook like
  • Twitter Follower etc.
  • SEO
  • Short article writing

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